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Planning & Precautions for Tent Camping During Covid

Is Tent Camping Safe During Covid: 8 Factors & 8 Precautions

I was hesitant about going on a camping trip during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But, I realized that limited travel options were available, and the benefits of spending time in nature outweighed the risks. So, I set out on a tent camping adventure with my baby and cat and had a fantastic experience.

I went fully vaccinated tent camping during COVID-19 with my baby and pet, and I found it safe. Most campgrounds follow CDC guidelines for cleaning facilities, but I still brought masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and hand soap.

Remember, you might encounter people from different places, so be cautious about potential exposure.

I’ll share my camping experience during the pandemic, covering the factors to consider before camping, preparing for the trip, arriving at the campground, safety measures and activities while camping, and how to prepare for a potential COVID-19 scare.

Key Takeaways

  • Planned a tent camping trip during COVID-19 with their baby and cat.
  • I chose a low-risk location and ensured the campsite was pet-friendly and had clean restrooms.
  • Checked the facilities at the campsite and packed extra supplies.
  • Followed the campsite’s restrictions and regulations.
  • Maintained social distancing, prioritized hygiene, and was mindful of wildlife.
  • Conducted research, packed essentials, planned for emergencies, and knew the local emergency services.
  • They practiced safety measures at the campground and enjoyed activities like hiking, swimming, and bird watching.

Is Tent Camping Safe During Covid: 8 Important Factors

Factors to consider when camping in a tent during Covid

I want to share my experience planning a tent camping trip during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a chance for me, my baby, and our cat to escape the crowds and enjoy the great outdoors. But before embarking on this adventure, I had a few factors to consider to ensure a safe trip for all of us. Here’s how it went:

  • Carefully selected a tent camping location to avoid crowds and minimize COVID-19 risk.
  • Researched for new COVID-19 cases in the area.
  • Confirmed pet-friendly campsite with clean restrooms for baby.
  • Ensured access to potable water, garbage disposal, electricity, and fire pit.
  • Checked for showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities.
  • I packed supplies like hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and garbage bags.
  • We reviewed campsite, state, and county restrictions.
  • Adhered to limits on on-site capacity, pet rules, and quiet hours for safety.

Risks Associated with Camping

I have a baby and a cat, so safety is a priority during COVID-19. I’ve learned how to navigate camping risks and protect my family. I’ve got some tips based on my experience:

  • Prioritize safe distancing from other campers, maintaining at least a 6-foot separation even in outdoor settings.
  • Emphasize personal hygiene by carrying hand sanitizer and soap to ensure cleanliness for yourself and your baby.
  • Exercise caution during wildlife encounters by avoiding direct animal contact and adhering to campsite guidelines on food storage.
  • By following these precautions, enjoy camping safely with your little one and furry companion. Make informed decisions that prioritize your loved one’s well-being.

Camping in A Tent During Covid is Safe: Planning & Precautions

I set out on this adventure with caution and careful planning. From researching other people’s guidelines and camping safety protocols to packing essential supplies, I prioritized our well-being. I’m taking you through my camping trip and how I managed to have a worry-free experience.

Preparing for the Trip

I know how important it is to plan and ensure safety and comfort during our camping trip. With COVID-19 still a concern, I did a lot of research to make sure tent camping was a safe choice for us.

  • Conducted initial research on local campgrounds to prioritize safety, focusing on social distancing and hygiene measures due to the pandemic.
  • Selected campgrounds with positive reviews, emphasizing clean facilities like restrooms and showers.
  • Choose campsites offering enough space and privacy to avoid close contact with other campers.
  • Packed essentials: food, water, first-aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, masks, gloves.
  • Packed entertainment items for baby and cat: books, games, toys.
  • Prepared for emergencies: compiled emergency contacts, medical information, doctor’s details, and allergies.
  • Packed extra supplies: flashlights, batteries, and a portable charger for connectivity.
  • I researched local hospitals and emergency services for quick access when needed.

Arriving at the Campground

Arriving at the campground during covid

I wanted to ensure our camping trip was safe and comfortable during the pandemic. Before packing up the car and hitting the road, I researched distancing guidelines and camping safety guidelines. I brought enough masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants for our trip.

  • Before setting off on my camping trip with my baby and cat, I carefully studied the distancing guidelines and camping protocols.
  • I ensured our safety by packing masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants to prioritize our well-being.
  • At the campground, the staff enforced safety measures with mandatory masks in public areas and reminders about social distancing.
  • To minimize risks, I picked a secluded campsite away from communal areas and high-traffic spots.
  • I secured our tent properly, stored food in sealed containers and maintained hygiene with baby wipes and hand sanitizers.
  • Engaging in various activities like hiking, board games, and stargazing entertained us during our downtime.
  • Following guidelines and taking precautions, camping with my baby and pet was a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Safety Measures and Activities While Tent Camping

I want to share my safety measures and fun activities during the trip and discuss balancing safety and enjoyment while tent camping.

  • I took several precautions to ensure my family’s safety while tent camping.
  • I maintained a safe distance from fellow campers and campground staff.
  • Washed hands frequently with soap, water, or hand sanitizer.
  • I used disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces like tables and chairs before use.
  • I avoided contact with wildlife to reduce infection risk.
  • Despite safety measures, we enjoyed various activities on the trip.
  • Hiking was a favorite, allowing me to explore nature and exercise.
  • Other activities included swimming, fishing, and bird watching, promoting entertainment and social distancing.
  • Balancing safety and enjoyment during our tent camping trip amid COVID-19 was crucial.
  • I researched campground and staff safety guidelines before booking.
  • Followed all instructions to minimize exposure risk, carrying cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers for our safety and health.

Tent Camping During Covid Is Safe: Facing a Scare

I have been concerned about how to keep my family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. During one of our camping trips, things took an unexpected turn.

  • Upon noticing COVID-19 symptoms in another visitor, I immediately alerted the park rangers and followed their guidance to isolate and undergo testing.
  • I positioned our camping gear away from others, minimized contact, wore masks outdoors, and sanitized my hands diligently.
  • Although our tests were negative, the experience was nerve-wracking, highlighting the need for COVID-19 preparedness while tent camping with a baby and pet.
  • Packed essentials like gloves, sanitizer, wipes, a first-aid kit, extra food, and water for potential self-quarantine.
  • Effective communication with park rangers and fellow campers played a vital role in preventing virus spread.
  • Stressing the importance of COVID-19 readiness, emphasizing hygiene, social distancing, ranger reporting, and communication for safety.


I hope my firsthand account has given you an idea of tent camping with a cat and baby. While it requires more diligence and preparation than usual, it can also be a rewarding experience for you and your loved ones.

By following the guidelines and best practices, you can reduce the risks of COVID-19 and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature at the same time.


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