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Old is Gold: Bring Back Clip-On Best Earrings

Hi, everyone! Happy Tuesday. Today I am here with something old but definitely gold: clip-on earrings. If you love vintage accessories, you definitely have seen a clip on earring. And I bet you know how fashionable these were back in the 80s and the early 90s. Clip-on earrings are classic, vintage and really easy to wear.

Clip-on earring is a variety of the non-pierced earrings. You don’t have to pierce your earlobe to wear this specific kind of earrings. This type of earring uses a mechanical pressure to keep itself on the earlobe. This particular kind of ear accessory was hugely popular in the 80s. In the 80s everyone was wearing huge, heavy, and bigger earrings. Therefore, people were opting for clip-on earring as they were less painful to wear.

If you don’t want to pierce your earlobe but still desire to wear earrings, clip-on earrings are meant for you. You will not find them in just any jewellery market. You will find the classic vintage ones in vintage markets. And of course, you will find an amazing collection on Amazon. Here are my personal favourites

1. This vintage looking gold plated clip-on earrings with Jade stone


2. A simple gold-plated round sized clip-on earringclip-on earrings-gold-plated-metallic

3. This colourful Opal and Sterling Silver one


clip-on earrings-opal-sterling-silver

4.  A real vintage one. Gold plated clip-on earring which has the vintage knot design.

clip-on earrings-vintage-gold-plated-clip

5. This delicate gold-plated earrings with crystals

clip-on earrings-crystals-top

6. Gold-plated clip on earrings which has pearl and Greek motif as accent

clip-on earrings-pearls-greek-motif

7. Perfect for modern day and spring days. Rose gold plated clip on which has flower pattern

clip-on earrings-flower-motifs-pretty

8. Another rose gold plated one because they are so pretty.

clip-on earrings-flower-rhinestones-pretty

9. A dazzling and dangling rose gold plated earring

clip-on earrings-rose-gold-rhinestones-dangling

10. This stunning double teardrop clip-on earring. Simply WOW.

clip-on earrings-teardrop-

11. Rose gold plated teardrop clip-on earring.


How did you like them? Do you own any clip-on earrings?  Send me pictures of them; I would love to see them.

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