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7 Stunning Instagram Pages To Follow For A Henna/Mehendi/Mehndi Lover

Hello, Everyone. So I tried to do henna art or mehndi for the first time in my life today, it was rather a pitiful attempt to be brutally honest. I am no good at this. SIGH. Anyways, so as I searched for the perfect design to try out I stumbled upon these gorgeous Instagram accounts. And immediately I thought I must share these with you guys. You should definitely check this out if you have not had Mehndi yet. These are so beautiful that your eyes will love it.

If anyone of you is thinking what henna or mehndi is, this is for you. A henna is basically a shrub. Its leaves contain lawsone which is a dye. So henna leaves can be made into a paste and use it to dye hair and skin. Mehendi or Mehndi is the art of using henna on the skin is known.

Here are 11 Instagram accounts that will inspire you.


Isn’t it cute? If you don’t want to commit to very intricate art on all over your hand and arms, this is design is perfect for you. Henna By Alisa Parveen website tells us that they use 100% natural Henna paste which is homemade and not tested on animals. What could be better than this?


Yes, you can use Henna art on your feet. Darcy Vasudev has 14 years of experience in henna art. She makes a henna paste from the ingredients that are carefully selected from all over the world.


I can always wear this type of simple but yet statement-making henna art.


Who wouldn’t want this? Everyone will look at your feet, though. 😀


Look at this very intricate and detailed henna designs.


Flower motifs are the most loved and widely used in South Asian Mehndi design.


I think this is perfect for a wedding, huh?

So, how do you like it? Do these pictures make you want one? Personally, I am a big lover of Mehndi. My sisters and I always wait for Eid to come so that we can make our own henna paste and start doing the designs. If this intricate but complex design overwhelms you, you can always start with something simpler. Soon you will be wanting to have something gorgeous like the above ones.


Let me know your thoughts.