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Homemade Pomegranate Face Mask

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to show you how you can make pomegranate face mask.The last post was on the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice on the skin and hair. Drinking pomegranate juice is one of the easiest way to improve your skin tone, texture, elasticity and much more. You can find it all here.

How to use Pomegranate Juice for skin:

Pomegranate, Honey and Clay Face Pack:

This is how I use pomegranate juice to make pomegranate face mask when I have leisure time. I take 3 teaspoons pomegranate juice that has been freshly juiced and add 2 teaspoon honey to it. Now, you can use clay of any kind with the mixture of pomegranate juice and honey. Today I did kind of an experiment and used this Original Scented Powder, by a very renowned Thai brand called Srichand, with the mixture of pomegranate juice, honey and clay.
pomegranate face mask- withhoney-hydrating
Ingredients for making pomegranate face mask
I applied it on my face and neck. After keeping it for 30 minutes, I washed it off with lukewarm water. I will keep using it this week and let you know how it worked.

Pomegranate and Yogurt:

To make this face pack, first, add the appropriate amount of pomegranate juice with 1 tbsp of yogurt. Mix well and apply with your hand. Rinse it off with lukewarm water when the mask starts to dry. If you are not a “face mask” person, you can apply the juice directly on your face. I hope this helps.  Love Samia 

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