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How To Cover Acne With Makeup

Zit, pimple, or acne whatever you may call it, is the WORST thing that can happen to a girl just the night before a special occasion. This “acne issue” is a struggle all of us have suffered at some stage of our lives.  Having a breakout simply sucks. However, using the right makeup application and skin care technique we can cover up the acne.

First, Let’s Learn What Actually Acne:

Acne Vulgaris (medical term) known shortly as Acne, is a skin disease that affects the oil glands that are present under the skin. These glands are called sebaceous glands as they handle producing an oily substance called sebum. A canal called a follicle connects the glands to the skin pores. Through the follicle, a thin hair grows. If the follicle clogs up, a pimple shows up on the skin.
Even celebrities are not saved from this curse

Let’s Find Out How We Can Cover This Menace:

  • First, you need to reduce the swelling of the pimple. Use ice on the pimple, it will somewhat flatten the pimple.
  • Moisturize the pimple area so that it does not become flaky. When we use the product to treat the pimple, it tends to get dry and starts flaking out.
  • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to dab over the pimple. Use either concealer pen or small make brush apply the concealer. Then tap with the finger to set the concealer.
  • Use green-colored concealer to cover a red pimple.
  • After done with concealing, apply a tiny amount of an oil-free foundation, which matches your skin tone, on the pimple and pat it.
  • Evenly apply the foundation on your face
  • If needed dab a bit more concealer on the pimple.
  • Use an oil-free matte powder over the pimple to keep it hidden. Use an eye shadow brush to get more precise coverage.


  • Make sure the concealer and foundation are the same color tone as your skin
  • Look for foundation that is oil-free
  • SPF concealer is best for reducing any further damage to the pimple
  • Buy a concealer with green tone. Green-colored concealer counteracts the redness of the pimple.
  • Adapt a regular skin care routine specific for treating acnes.


Pimples happen, there’s nothing we can do to stop it except live a healthy life to reduce the chance of having it.  With the help of the magic of make-up, we can do our best to cover up those devils. Don’t fret over it too much, though. Enjoy life, dearies.

Thank you♥

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