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Etude House Tear Drop Liner Review

Hello everyone,
Today’s post is going to be very bling bling. As I have already mentioned before, I am an enormous fan of Korean Pop culture. I find their makeup trends exceptionally enchanting and glamorous. One of the most common makeup trends is bling-eye or glittery undereye makeup. This eye makeup is hugely popular among Korean female idols. And for this Etude House released “Etude House Tear Drop Liner” which you use on under eye line to make your eye look luminescent, highlighted and glittery.

So first let’s get to know Etude House.

Brand Description:

Etude House is a Korean brand that is known for their extra cute packaging; you would want to buy every product, they are that cute. And of course, they offer the very good product at a very reasonable price.

Etude House was established in 1985. Later in 1990, it became a cosmetic brand under Amore pacific Corporation which is known as one the leading cosmetic companies in South Korea. Since then Etude House has launched many shops all over South Korea and Asia which includes Taiwan, Thailand, Philipines, Brunei, Myanmar and so on.

Product Description:

  • Price: $5-$10 on Amazon
  • Volume: 8 gm
  • Package Quality: 5/5
  • Directions for use: Line Your tear duct and lower lash line with the brush
  • Properties:

    • Make eyes seem bigger
    • Highlights the lower eye line

    There are many varieties available in different colors. I have bought the # 4 (the Sunlight) which is in bronze-golden color.


    • The brush is long, thin and soft; it doesn’t hurt my eyes.
    • The product does not bother my eyes.
    • Long wand makes application convenient.
    • The liquid dries up pretty quickly.
    • The color is super pretty.
    • The glittery “bling bling” effect it gives is super captivating and lovely.

    Don’t like:

    • The material is not water-proof.
    • The product does not bother my eyes.
    • Unfortunately, not smudge-proof either.
    • This product is not that long-lasting as I hoped it would be.

    Rate: 5/5

    Korean Celebrity Inspiration:

    I am absolutely going to buy this product again. This may be all you need when you feel down and face looks dull. Just apply a few coats of tear drop liner to glam up your face and look stunning. Very simple application but a tremendous result. I hope you guys will give it a try. If you are not sure about everyday use, you can use it to make your party makeup look more ravishing.

    I hope you liked the review. Have a life full of bling~bling.

    Thank you Tentgirl

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