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Ease your Cold with this DIY Facial Steam

Hello, everyone. Happy Saturday. First and foremost, how are you all doing in this cold season? Be sure to wear warm clothes. Don’t catch a cold. I am sitting here drinking warm tea and writing to you how you can ease your cold with facial steam.

A bad cold means a runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing ( UGH 🙁 ) and unable to sleep peacefully.  Two things that make me feel better are warm herbal tea and my Mum’s recommended facial steam.

My Mum always makes me take facial steam as it relieves the nasal and chest congestion. As I have already taken a facial steam today so I thought why not post the recipe for you guys? I really hope it helps you.

A facial steam is very simple to make. Firstly, all you need is your preferred herbs that could be dried or fresh (which are even better) and of course, distilled water. Then, all you need to do is boil. Any kind of facial steam is very uncomplicated to DIY at home and furthermore having facial steam is like having a facial at home. I will surely do another post on facial steams but today I would like to share how I do the facial steam to ease my cold.

STEP 1: Firstly, you will need to prepare  5 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of chopped Ginger, and Lavender essential oil. Actually, you can use any other essential oil that is good for cold for instance chamomile essential oil. You can buy Lavender essential oil from Amazon.

STEP 2: On a large pot or bowl boil pour water and add crushed cloves of garlic and chopped ginger. let it boil.

STEP 3: When the water starts to boil, turn off the stove. Keep the lid on the pot.

STEP 4: You can pour the water with herbs in a bowl (optional) or just use steam directly from the pot. Add few drops of Lavender essential oil. In addition to all that, you can add rose petals to make it look and smell good. You have to make sure that the heat is not too much for your skin. Use a towel to cover your head and the pot so that steam does not escape without hitting your face.  Now, this is where I feel relaxed. take deep but a slow breath. Let in all the goodness from the herbs. Personally, I like to do this until all the steam dies. Oh, I keep a tissue box with me to blow my nose or to clean the mucus off my nose.

STEP 5: Facial steam will ease your cold symptoms moreover it will also clean your skin pores. Therefore, I like to use the toner immediately after using the steam. Regrettably, using steam can be drying to some skin types so please make sure you use toner and moisturizer properly.


  • Children should not use steam.
  • If you have super sensitive skin or any cuts/burns on your skin, you should refrain from using steam.
  • Always check the heat. If you use steam that is too hot for your skin, you will end up having a steam burn.
  • Unfortunately, not all essential oils are suitable for everyone. Hence if you are allergic to lavender oil, feel free to use any other oil you like. You may even omit it if you like.

Ginger, Garlic, and Lavender for cold:

  • The most popular traditional cold remedy in China is Ginger. Ginger is diaphoretic (substances that make you sweat) which means it will make your body warm in the cold.
  • Garlic contains allicin which has the efficacy to prevent the common cold. Garlic reduces the severity of the unpleasant symptoms of a cold.
  • Lavender oil is known to be beneficial to you when you are suffering from rough coughs, colds, and sinus problems.

In my opinion, facial steam is the best way to unwind and get rid of cold/ flu. Tell me what do you do to ease your cold? I am eager to know.

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