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DIY: How to Make Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Perfectly matching Foundation is the must for a beautiful makeup look. Nevertheless finding the right shade is honestly hard. What is most unfortunate and regrettable is buying a foundation only to find later out that it does not match your tone. So what to do now? Buying a new one would be the next emergency step, right? But what about the one that you already bought but does not match your tone? There is a way you can change the foundation to your tone.

Let’s see how-

  • If you want to lighten up the foundation, you will need a foundation or bb cream or concealer that is few shades lighter than your tone.
  • If you want to darken up the foundation, you will need a foundation or bb cream or concealer that is few shades darker than your shade.
  • First, take a bowl or foundation mixing palette.
  • Take a tiny amount of the foundation
  • Mix it with the lighter/darker shade of foundation/bb/ concealer
  • Keep mixing until a homogeneous mixture is formed
  • To get the desired shade keep adding the lighter/darker product
  • Test it on your neck to see if it matches with your tone.


  • Mix liquid foundation with a liquid product. Using powder will not make the mixture smooth. There might be clump formation.
  • You can use bronzer instead of a darker foundation to darken up a lighter foundation.

It’s a piece of cake, right? You don’t have to throw away a foundation just because it does not suit your skin. Is there any other way to make a foundation, especially for your skin tone? Let me know~

Love, Tentgirl

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