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Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess : REVIEW

Hi, everyone! How are you all doing? Happy Tuesday. I am super excited to share my review on the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette “ Blush Goddess ”. It’s been a week since I have bought this beautiful palette and honestly, I’m in love with it.

Brand Description:

Makeup Revolution is a London-based brand that offers various makeup products within affordable price range. The price of their products starts at £1.00.  It has not been that long this brand has launched. In March 2014, the Makeup Revolution brand has been opened in London. Since then, this brand is getting more and more recognition for their quality and super affordable products. Oh, and they are cruelty-free which I really appreciate.

Product Description:

Introducing our stunning blush and highlight palette, Blush Goddess! 4 beautiful highlighter shades, ranging in intensity from natural sheen to intense illumination. 4 blushes from pink to peach, a great all in one palette for everyday blush and highlight. Highly pigmented, smooth and blendable shades. Sweep highlight shades along cheekbones and an upward stroke of blush shades starting from the apples of the cheeks

Weight: 13gm

Price: $18.98 at


The palette comes in a sleek black plastic case. The case has a clear lid so you can see the product inside.


Details Product Description:

The palette holds a total of eight products. The first row has four powder highlighters and the second row has four powder blushes.  The powder blushes are matte as they do not have any shimmer or glitter in it.

Makeup_Revolution_ Blush_Goddess_matte_blush

The first row:

  1. The first highlighter is soft beige-colored powder one. It gives a very light sheen after the application
  2. The second pan has a sparkling frosty pink highlighter which has a lot of shimmer in it. Not for a subtle look.
  3. The third highlighter is a super bright gold highlighter. Definitely, does not give the subtle finish.
  4. This one is my favorite from all the four highlighters. A very light, soft peachy beige color highlighter. This is just STUNNING. Gives a beautiful glow without making my face too shimmery or glittery.

Makeup_Revolution_ Blush_Goddess__frosty_pink_highlighter

The second row:

  1. The first pan in the second row is a very spring-worthy peach color and I LOVE IT. As a warm tone, this peach blush makes my complexion really bright.
  2. This second blush is light warm brown shade. Does not make much difference to my olive skin complexion but I think it would look good on fair skin with warm tone people.
  3. PRETTY PINK. A very cool tone pink is the third blush. On my warm tone skin, this blush pops out lovely.
  4. Another pink but darker shade of pink is the fourth and the final blush of the palette.

Makeup_Revolution_ Blush_Goddess__matte_blush_peach_pink

How I use Blush Goddess:

I use the fourth highlighter a lot to highlight my brow bone and cheek bone for the day time. I used the second highlighter for the night time as a cheekbone highlighter and the fourth one as the blusher topper. The second highlighter is loaded with shimmer so I used it very lightly.

For the blushes, I regularly use the first peachy blush. As these blushes don’t have any glitter I can mix the shades and apply on my cheeks.  I used the third cool pink shade on the cheekbone to make it pop.

I even use this palette as an eyeshadow because the colors are really pretty and perfect for this summer/ spring.

My Thoughts:

Firstly, I am loving this blush palette. I think it has a great mixture of cool and warm tone shades. It has highlighters that are soft and give just a glow to the skin and there are two that scream HIGHLIGHT. All of them are very velvety and smooth. I had no problem with blending the products. I also found the pigmentation perfect and buildable.

Comment down below to let me know if you have tried Blush Goddess.

Take care.

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