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How you all doing? Enjoying summer?

You ought to know I’m a HUGE fan of Korean Pop culture and Korean Dramas+Movies. Naturally, I follow the Korean Beauty trends a lot. I am particularly fond of the “gradient lips” trend. The gradient lip is also known as “just-bitten-lip”, go bite your lip (not too hard to bleed out) and see the inner part of the lower lip is more reddish/pinkish. This is a super pretty lip make-up that gives your lips an illusion of a blooming flower. South Korean celebrities have been sporting this look for quite a long time now. It’s still not out of trend, how can it be when it’s so flatteringly cute.


SO let’s see how you can achieve this gradient lip look-

  1. Exfoliate your lip to have a smooth and soft canvas for the “painting.”
  2. Moisturize with a good lip balm to keep your lips moist
  3. Use a concealer/BB cream that matches your skin tone or nude/ light shaded lipstick and apply it on the outer area of your lips. Blend well.
  4. Take your favorite shade of lipstick and apply it on the INNER part of your lips.
  5. Blend the color outward using brush or your magical fingers
  6. Optional – you can apply lip balm or gloss on the outer part of your lips to add shine.


Here’s a video tutorial presented by “DramaFever.” 




Some pictures to give you inspiration 


yoon eun hye_ gradient lips

Actress Yoon Eun Hye in drama ” I Miss You”

Hara_ gradient lips_damaged lady

Popular girl group KARA’s member Hara in “Damaged Lady” music video 

Sulli_Gradient Lips

Sulli, a member of popular girl group f(x), in a pictorial for the South Korean beauty brand Etude House

It’s a scrumptious looking lip make-up, right? I absolutely in love with it. You can pick any shade of lipstick that complement your skin tone. It’s wearable for both day and night time. At the night time, increase the intensity of the color.

Try this famous Korean lip trend and don’t forget to take some pictures of you wearing it. I would love to see you girls wearing the gradient lips.  Until the next time~toodles~~~



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