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Makeup Tips And Trends For Summer

Last time we tried to give you few best skin care tips to fight off the damaging consequences of summer heat. This time I have come up with the perfect day makeup routine suitable for summertime wearing. First, let’s find out the major summer makeup trends

Eye Makeup Trend

Make your eyes pop with colorful liner and shadow. In the summer/spring 2015 runways, models were seen to rock vibrant and statement-making eye makeup look.

  • Glittery eye makeup-

What can make your party night look splendid? Yes! It is GLITTER that can make the entire look fantastical. Glitter and metallic eye makeup are the big trends of summer 2015 makeup. Keep the whole look natural because the glittering eye makeup is enough to make you look breathtaking; no needs to accentuate other parts of the face.

Some Makeup artists tried to give the vibe of sixties makeup look by clumping eyelashes together. Some even painted their eyelashes with colorful mascara. However, the sixties twiggy eyelashes was the major trend in runways.

  1. Lip makeup trend-

Red lip is always the timeless beauty tips adored by the women. The spring/summer 2015 runway shows did not forget that.The makeup artists created the perfect lips with different shades of the color red like ruby red and crimson red . Rather than creating the perfectly drawn a bold red lips, most makeup artist presented lips with the soften edges and matte finished or glossy finished.

If red lip is not your thing, opt for nude, peach, candy or baby pink shades of lipstick. Some make up artist were seen to create such subtle but pretty lips with the mentioned colors. Diffusing effects were used to deliver delicate but sweet lips that are ideal for summertime.

  1. The Face Makeup-

The no-makeup look dominated this year’s spring/summer runaways. The focus of this look is to show off your natural complexion and healthy glow. That does not mean you will not wear makeup. A thorough skincare routine will make your skin flawless for the no-makeup look. Sheer coverage, concealing the target spots, highlighting, and bronzing/ blushing with natural hues that enhance your skin color are the major steps to achieving the natural makeup look. The whole makeup should look effortless.

Step by step for a  summer day make-up –

  • Start with skin toning and moisturizing after cleansing.
  • Apply primer smoothly on your face. Primer helps to keep your face makeup on the place.
  • Opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF. The sheer formula of these products gives you decent coverage while letting your skin to breathe. If it’s not enough, dab some BB powder/foundation powder/concealer on the spots where it is needed.
  • Summer is all about vivid colors. Make your makeup look lovelier by focusing on either statement lips or eyes. Use vivacious colors like- blue, green, orange, pink eyeliner or eyeshadows on your eye. Or wear luscious red/hot pink lips. Diffusing effect on lip is the hot trend for summer. To get the look, tap the lipstick color on the inner part of your lips with and spread it outward.
  • Let your eyes shine when you wear statement lipstick makeup. Swipe on light golden/ champagne shades of eyeshadow on the entire lid.
  • If you go for statement-making eye makeup, opt for light lip color. Use tint or stains of subtle pink or peach color.
  • whether you focus the look in the eye or lips, always paint your eyelashes with waterproof, voluminous mascara
  • Swirl on blush to your cheeks.
  • Bronzer should be applied to the spots where the sun hits naturally: the forehead, bridge of the nose, the apple of the cheeks. Pick a light shimmery bronzer with peach or pink undertones.
  • Make your face glow by applying a highlighter on the brow bones, slightly above the cheekbone, on the cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of the nose.
  • Dust your T-zone with setting powder.

Extra tips for summer make-up:

  • Blue shades of eyeshadow is the most popular color for summer.
  • Red, pink, and orange hues are perfect for the colorful summertime.
  • Opt for tint, stain, and lip balm instead of bold lipstick color.
  • Glimmering cream-to-powder texture eyeshadow is best for summertime
  • Water-resistant mascara and eyeliner should be used in summer
  • You should apply bronzer the places where sunlight naturally would hit
  • A heavy foundation routine feels uncomfortable for summertime, instead of foundation use tinted moisturizer, BB cream.
  • The face moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, should have SPF
  • If you want to go more natural, just cover up any spots, blemishes and redness with concealer.
  • Use eye primer before applying eyeshadow for a long-lasting look.
  • Always use SPF-containing lip products.
  • Your entire makeup products need to be water-resistant for a melt-free look.

Maintain a skin care regimen suitable for the summer season. Try not to overdo your makeup in summer; keep it simple but cheerful by emphasizing either eyes or lips. Have fun in the summer!

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