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DIY: How to Restore Dry Mascara

Hi, everyone. Happy Saturday. How you all doing today? Mascara is a Holy Grail makeup product, as a makeup fanatic, you probably know this. And you must have faced the particular situation where you find your mascara totally clumped up. Dry mascara is an archenemy of makeup lovers. Today we are here to present you with the ways you can fix a dry mascara easily. However, first, you need to check if you mascara tube is 4-5 months old. If yes, then please discard it. You don’t want to end up having an eye infection due to some mere eyelash beautifier. Nevertheless, some mascaras go all clumpy before it crosses its expiration dates. No need to fret, you can make them as good as new with some simple products.
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Why does mascara dry up:  Mascara will dry up after a time period. But, unfortunately, some dry up pretty soon. Why is that? The criminal is the air. So many of us pump the wand of mascara oh-so-many times before applying it. This pumping action introduces air into the tube. And the air dries up mascara. Okay, so if you search “how to fix dry mascara” you will find few methods recommended by various bloggers and makeup artists. I have accumulated it all and showing it to you very simply. Go through the simple methods and find the perfect way to fix your dry mascara.

Using Eye Drops:

So many blogs and websites like xovain, HuffingtonPostgurl, and senseiteve suggest using an eye drop to remoisturize a clumpy mascara.  Don’t assume that water can be in any way a substitute for an eye drop. Water has tonnes of microbes that will cause an eye infection. Even filtered water is not a safe option.
  • Add a few drops of eye drops into the mascara tube
  • Take the mascara wand and twirl it around inside the tube.
  • Next, shake the tube. And voila, your dry mascara is now well moisturised to use again


  • While swirling do not pump the mascara wand.
  • You can opt for anti-bacterial eye drops as suggested by senseiteve

Using Aloe Vera gel:

As you already know, aloe vera gel is very soothing natural substances. Many skin care products use aloe gel in their products. Gurl and fashionlady both suggested going for aloe vera gel if you want a natural remedy for your dry mascara.
  •  Take aloe vera gel and your mascara
  •  Pour tiny amount of aloe gel into the tube
  •  Shake, shake and shake
  •  Finally, use the smoother mascara.

Using Contact Lens Solution:

The blogs like thebeautydepartment, momsandcrafters, annemariemitchell, madamemadeline and southerngirly had fixed their clumpy mascara successfully with contact lens solution. Let’s see how to contact lens solution for re-moisturizing a clumped mascara.
  • Take a contact lens solution and your mascara
  • Add around 10 drops of the solution into your mascara tube.
  • Finally, mix it by swirling the wand. And you are done.

Using Hot Water:

Madamemadeline, simplystacie and gurl blogs have used this method to de-clump their clumped mascara. It’s a very simple method to follow. All you need is hot water and your dried mascara.
  •  Firstly, boil some water
  •  Next, pour the hot boiled water on a cup
  • Then, put the mascara tube in the cup with the lid side up
  •  Keep it like this for few minutes


  • Close the lid tightly before putting it on the cup
  • Use hot water carefully

Extra Note:

  • Do not pump out and in the mascara wand.
  • If the mascara has crossed its expiration date, just discard it. Getting an eye infection is worse than a dry mascara.
  • Don’t pour plain water or even filtered water into the mascara tube. Pouring water into mascara tube is not a good idea. As water contains billions of tiny microorganisms. Even filtered drinking water may contain microbes. Therefore, please don’t pour water into a mascara tube.
  • Whatever you add (contact lens solution/ aloe/eye drop), make sure they have not expired. If you add already expired products into your clumpy mascara, you will never get to fix the mascara ever again. Because expired products may contain bacteria that may irritate or even worse infect your eyes.
  • Add contact lens solution/ aloe/eye drop little by little. Since adding a lot may make the mascara too liquidy.
Now, that you know few methods to revive your dry mascara, go flutter those eyelashes. Take Care. Samia

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