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Complete Guide to applying Best Cream EyeShadow

Cream eyeshadow is a bit tricky to use for the beginners. Most of us are more comfortable with powder eyeshadow. How many of you pulled off a look with cream eye-shadow? I know I used to have trouble getting the perfect look with cream shadow. Hence, today I am here to give you the easiest but detailed instruction on how to apply cream eyeshadow. Let’s begin with:

What is cream eyeshadow?

The name says it all; eye shadows that have creamy consistency due to the presence of plenty of binding agents are called as cream- eye shadows. These are available in different consistency, thickness, and forms. You can find the matte, shimmery, cream-to-powder finish. You can take your pick from the tube, pot, pallet, and stick.

Cream eyeshadow Pictures

The creamy consistency gives a glimmering glow in our eye shadow look. Depending on the applying technique, it can look soft and delicate or intense and glamorous. Contrariwise, this creamy texture is guilty of the major downside of cream eye shadows. Due to the Creamy consistency, the eye shadow is prone to crease on your eyelid, which is certainly not a good look on you. It does not mean you cannot wear it. You can, just try following

Steps to apply Cream Eyeshadow

1. Clean the Eye Lids:

Eyelids need to be free of oil and dirt before applying cream eye shadow. Cleanse the eyelid with water or lotion and pat dry to have a clean eyelid.

2. Apply eye cream and eye shadow primer:

Prepare the eyelids by using a light layer of eye cream and eye shadow primer. You should wait a minute to let the eyelid absorb the product. After that, apply the primer on your lid and wait until it dries out.

A good eyeshadow primer can save your life.  Eyeshadow primer is an excellent product that increases the vibrancy of eye shadow, makes it easier to put on eye shadow and more importantly it prevents creasing or flaking. If you don’t have primer, you can use liquid foundation as the base. Don’t over-apply it; just swipe a light layer of foundation on the eyelid.

3. Pick your tools:

a) The best tool for applying cream eye shadow is your fingertips. With the fingers, it is easy to apply cream eyeshadow evenly and smoothly. The heat, is emitted from your fingers, helps the cream shadow to blend perfectly. This application can give you more sheer and subtle look.

b) If you don’t want your fingertips to get dirty; go for a flat, firm and synthetic bristled brush. Brushes are perfect if you want to build up the shadow to get more concentrated eye shadow look.

4. Applying cream eyeshadow:

 a) Start with light colors like beige, light pink or soft brown as the base color. Using the tip of your pointer finger, dab the cream shadow on the eyelid, crease and brow bone. You can gradually build up the color.

b) Pick the darkest color using a brush. Swipe the color just above your lid to define the crease or outer corner.

c) Dab the shimmery or brightest color in the center and inner corner.

d) For more intense look you can apply the darkest color on your entire eyelid; build up by adding light layers. Blend the outer edges with fingers or a blending brush.

e) Finish it off by dabbing translucent powder on the lid, this will prevent the cream eye shadow from creasing and strengthen the longevity of the cream eyeshadow. Use mascara and eyeliner to complete the look.

Julianne Kaye, a celebrity make-up artist, showed how to get a natural look using Maybelline New York’s 24 Hour Color Tattoo. Watch the youtube video:

Applying a Cream Shadow Tutorial Video

Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Use light color cream shadow as a base, apply powder eye shadow over it.
  2. Use waterproof cream shadow for long-lasting look.
  3. Look for cream eyeshadows that will not crease or cake on your eyelid.
  4. Go for shimmery cream shadow, if you want a radiant look
  5. Use a matte or cream-to-powder finish that gives you deep and bold look.
  6. Cream eye shadows blend very effortlessly, so you can combine different colors to get a completely new color.
  7. Don’t apply a cream eyeshadow on top of powder eye shadow. The cream will not set on powder base; thus you will end up with a flaky mess. Who wants that? A big NO-NO.

Don’t overapply cream shadow at once. Thin layers will do the trick. If you use a heavy layer, it will not quickly dry out. You may end up with a cracking eye shadow.

The nine best cream eyeshadows

1. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow

2. NARS Cream -Various Colours

3. E.L.F. Studio Matte Eyeshadows

4. Maybelline New York’s 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

5. Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting

6. 24 Hour Eye Studio Tattoo Cream Shadows

7. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant’ Waterproof Cream

8. M.A.C Pro Long-Wear Paint Pot

9. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream

I have been using Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting for few months now. I am pleased with the product because it does what it says. This product stays for a long time without giving me weird creasing eyes.

Essence_ cream _eyeshadow_ stay all day

Homemade Cream Eyeshadow

Maybe you do not want to invest money on cream eye shadow.But then again don’t want to miss out the stunning looks it has to offer as well. Do not worry, I am here with the solution.

The solution is –to make your own customized cream eye shadow. Following one is the easiest recipe you can do. For that, you’ll need-

1. Eyeshadow (powder or loose) of any color you like

2. A binding agent – it can be clear gloss or Vaseline.

3. A spatula to mix

4. A clean container to keep it.


1. Scrape eye shadow from the pan ( If you are using pressed eye shadow)

2. Add the binder agent to the powdered eye shadow.

3. Stir it very well that no lump of eye shadow powder will be present.

4. Add more binder agent to get the consistency you want

5. When you get the desired consistency, pour it into the clean container.

6. Last but most vital step-use it.

Rebecca D. Dillon, the blogger of Rebecca’s shapeliness blog, presented a more outstanding recipe for making cream eye shadow. Follow the link to get her recipe.

Favorite Celebrity with Cream Shadow

Miranda_Kerr_Cream Eyeshadow Look_bronze

Miranda Kerr, the popular Victoria’s Secret Angel, had cream eye shadow in bronze color on her eye lid. The smudged kohl liner gave the look more smokey vibe, suitable for the nighttime.

 Rose McGowan_Peach_cream_eyeshadow

American actress and singer Rose McGowan swiped peach cream shadow on her lid with defined crease,  sultry but not overdone.

Olivia_Wilde_Cream_eyeshadow_smoky eyes.

Melanie Inglessis, a celebrity make-up artist, used Savage Cream Eyeshadow as the base for this seductive smokey look on actress Olivia Wilde.

The first time using cream eye shadow probably will be a hassle for you. You may not even be able to achieve the desired look. Nonetheless, it’s worth it when you can master the techniques of applying cream eye shadow. Follow our instructions and the tips; you are bound to get the most stunning look only using cream eye -shadow.

Love Yourself and Your loved ones.

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