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2017 Spring Makeup: Pretty Spring

Hello, everyone! Happy Spring! I am super excited to wear my “spring” outfits and do my spring makeup. Spring is all about vibrant colors, flowers and all things that are pretty. We are here to give you a guideline on how you can create a perfect spring look. Let’s start!


It’s time to show off your glowy skin. Dewy and glowy skin is what you need in this spring. Keep your skin moisturized well. Have a proper skincare routine to have extra hydrated skin. To have the ultimate dewy skin, use face oil before applying foundation. This will make sure your skin looks extra glowy. Instead of using matte foundation opt for a creamy or liquid foundation. And of course, you have a highlighter to add an extra glow to your face. Use a highlighter on the highest points of your face.

Seen in Francesco Scognamiglio runway
Source: Getty Images

Step by Step:

  • Apply hydrating skin care products on the night before
  • On the morning, use a hydrating face mask
  • Apply a moisturizing toner and face cream
  • Take a drop of face oil and apply all over your face
  • Opt for liquid/cream foundation or BB cream
  • Make your cheekbones glow by using intense highlighter


Spring is the time to color your cheek with most delicious colors in the world like pink, peach, tangerine, and orange. On this year’s runways, we have seen models rocking the 1980s blush style known as “draping”. Draping is contouring the cheek with two shades of blush. This was a popular trend in the 1980s and it is back again in 2017. As mentioned before, the color peach, baby pink, coral, tangerine and orangeish hue are in for this spring season.

Seen in Chanel runway

Step by Step:

  • To do the draping technique, firstly, pick your blush colors in two shades ( lighter and darker)
  • For the Spring, pick peach, baby pink, coral, tangerine and orange colors
  • The darker shade is  to contour your cheekbones, so apply them just below your cheekbones
  • The lighter shade is to blend the darker shade in. Therefore, apply it on the highpoint of cheekbones
  • Blend the two colors well


For spring makeup 2017, do a statement lip in the prettiest colors like coral, peach, and of course the classic red lip.

Seen in D&G runway

Step by Step:

  • Scrub you clean your lips well. A dry chapped lip is not a good canvas for doing the statement lip look
  • Moisturize with lip balm which has SPF
  • Pick your color from coral, peach, and red
  • Draw your lip with the lip liner
  • Apply a layer of your picked lipstick
  • Blot with tissue paper
  • Then, do the second layer. And that’s it


For the eye spring makeup, pick your blue hue because cobalt blue, aquamarine, and teal are here for spring 2017. Other than blue, you can pick any color that is vibrant and scream SPRING!!! Pick pinks, greens, yellow hues to pop your eyes. A graphic liner is also trending in this Spring. To make your look subtle but statement-making, go for a glossy eyelid. And last but not least the most feminine-looking cat eye is here to make your spring more pretty.

Seen in Leonard Paris
Source: Getty Images

Step by Step:

  • Firstly, prime your eyelids
  • Then, pick your color from the cobalt blue, aquamarine, green, yellow and teal
  • After picking the color, decide what kind of look you are going for.
    • If you want soft, flirty look then go for feminine soft cat eye look.
    • If you want almost no makeup look but still make a statement go for a glossy lid.
    • And the last one is the graphic liner if you want to go for a bold look.
  • For the cat eye look, start lining from the middle of your eyelid and then do a tiny flick at the corner of your eyes.
  • All you need is a lip gloss for doing the glossy look. My method is, on a well-primed eyelid dab some lip gloss with your fingertips.
  • Let your creativity take the wheel for this one. You can line and color you eye however you like to present. Have fun with it.

I think Spring is the perfect time to be colorful, fun and flirty. You can show your flirty and innocent side at the same time with the help of makeup. I hope this guideline for spring makeup will help you this season.

Spring is love. Love is Spring. Love yourself and others around you.

Take care

Love Tentgirl

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