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Eyes are usually the first place we look to gauge someone’s personality and compatibility with our own. That being said, there are significant perks to making one’s eyes pop more, making them seem sleek and sexy, or even giving oneself the “I’m so cute you have to stare” look. Different styles of eye makeup have other effects, and I wanted to put some writing together that would make you laugh, get a little curious and maybe even spur you to experiment or get a little more adventurous. First, I’m going to talk a bit about why eye makeup is incredible; then, I’ll talk about a few experiments I tried with classic looks and then after. I’ll talk about the latest trends!!

 Eye makeup is one of the most fun facets of makeup that we can experiment with. We can take subtle, sexy colors that complement the classic LBD (little black dress) or even pick loud, vibrant colors that match or contrast with outfits for clubs, weddings, or parties and paints them across our lids, smudge or not smudge them to out hearts’ content and then finish off with eyeliner and mascara. There are a bunch of different techniques with eyeliner alone. Mascara has different levels of clumpy or even just super subtle and delicate-looking. Many women and girls also opt for fake lashes, and while I’ve yet to try them, I hear they can be helpful.

Betty & Veronica Eyes

The first classic look I experimented with was the “Smoky Eye” effect. I had always wondered if it could be made to look cute and sexy, and I liked the result a LOT. A classic smoky eye consists of three shades of the same hue. Some people opt for classic black or grey tones or even try brown or bronze. I used the bronze one, which melds nicely with my skin tone, giving it a nice dramatic yet not-overdone look. I then tried two things I’ve never tried before: I gave myself the “Betty/Veronica lashes” liner (which means I added another tail to the outer corner of both my eyes. I made my mascara clumpy, and it drew way more focus to my eyes) and I added golden highlights to the inner corners of my eyes, as well as under the arches of my eyebrows. All in all, I found the effect cute AND sexy.

The drawbacks and the things you have to be cautious of with this effect are to make sure you use powdery shadows which blend well, use liquid liner for a more defined look or pencil eyeliner for a more smudged look and make sure to keep makeup remover, cotton swabs and concealer on standby. Otherwise, this look could go from chic to sloppy in a heartbeat.

Peacock Eyes

The next look I experimented with was the “Peacock Feather” effect. I’ve seen many pictures online of professional and elaborate-looking peacock feather-inspired eye makeup, and I decided to try making one on my own. I combined two shades of blue (royal and navy), a deep shade of olive green, and golden highlights. I’m a big fan of golden highlights because they compliment my skin tone. I made the mascara thick but not clumpy and put the eyeliner on in a thin line. I loved how it looked; it struck me as remarkable and cute.

There’s always the risk of rough, imprecise lines or faux pas that there isn’t time to correct. To reduce the probability of such occurrences, ensure you leave ample time for your makeup so as not to botch it because you’re being rushed.

Whenever you work with eyeshadow designs involving colors, it’s crucial to ensure that your tools are clean and well-maintained and that the brand you’re using is of good enough quality that the colors pop and don’t fade away or rub off easily. Keeping your head cool and your hand steady, being patient, efficient, and taking your time are all virtues in makeup, especially eye makeup.

The final experiment in my “terrific trio” was an extensive and elaborate blending of lighter pink shakes with a vibrant and dark purple. I used eyeliner not only at my lash line but also in the crease in my eyelid. It was bold, and I found it more artsy than cute, but then I decided to add bubblegum pink and white tones to the inner corner of my eyes. Lots of mascara and light yellow highlights made my eyes look big, cute, and bold.

The trends keep changing, and fashion depends mainly on the time of the year. Darker, richer colors are usually more prevalent during winter, and lighter, brighter colors are more prevalent during spring and summer. People keep experimenting with what’s cool and cute, and I’ve discovered a few intriguing trends. They are:

  • Flashy eyeliner
  • Brown is in
  • Fine liner
  • Purple. All purples.
  • Groupie smoky eyes
  • Naked
Flashy eyeliner is precisely that. It doesn’t need to be just a liner. It can also be bright/neon eyeshadows or lipsticks. Neon greens, pinks, blues, and yellows have been predominant, but neon purple is pretty big.

Brown isn’t usually a color most of us favor in eyeshadows, but it’s been a big hit on all the runways this spring. It’s a big part of the “bronze look” that everyone’s talking about.

Many runway models and celebrities have been sporting fine eyeliner lines and bare lashes. The look’s gotten a lot of positive buzz, and many think it’s popular because of the “less is more” theme in makeup this season.

Purple is rampant on the runways, with models wearing purple versions of smoky eyes, bright lavender, rich burgundy, and even neon purple.

The “Taylor Momsen” rocker/groupie smoky eye has made the rounds, and quite a few designers paired the looks with their more subtle or prim outfits. Contrast, contrast, contrast!

And last but not least: Naked!! Not the brand but rather the look. Going entirely without eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara is becoming quite predominant, with models and celebrities alike opting to “bare it all” (makeup-wise )

It’s important to remember that when you’re picking what kind of cute eye makeup to do, you keep in mind that it should complement or contrast with your outfit, accessories, your facial features, and your complexion.

I hope you got a few cool ideas for cute eye makeup to try, and I hope my pictures inspired some desire to innovate or, like myself, completely mess up and mess with the traditional, cute styles. Happy eyes, my friends, and I hope you like what you read!

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