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Blair Waldorf’s 6 best headbands

Blair Waldorf aka The QUEEN B of the Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side awed us with her classic and striking fashion looks. The Gossip Girl TV series caught our attention due to the most glamorous, fashionable wardrobe worn by Blair Waldorf and Serene Van Der Woodsen. This duo never failed to amaze us when it came to their high-end fashion sense.  Queen B’s style can be described as something that Audrey Hepburn would like, a classic- timeless- elegant-graceful style that is always appreciated and loved.

The “IT” fashion item that is the MUST accessory for Blair’s look is the HEADBAND or HAIR ACCESSORY. Queen B donned hundreds of chick, cute, classy, gorgeous headbands throughout the series. I don’t know about you, but I get this surge of desire to own every single headband she wore in the series.

It is really hard to choose the best six hair bands worn by beautiful Blair Waldorf ( our favorite soon-to-be mother Leighton Meester).  I did manage to pick six prettiest ( pretty to me ) headbands/ hair accessories.

1. The “pretty in pink” Blair Waldorf enhanced her beauty by wearing a pink flower band

Blair Waldorf _flower headband

"Must  I Do About Nothing "-- Pictured  Leighton Meester as Blair  in GOSSIP GIRL on The CW. PHOTO CREDIT: Giovanni Rufino/ THE CW ©2008 THE CW NETWORK, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Blair Waldorf _Pink flower headband

2. The stunning pearl headband 


Blair-gossip-girl-Pearl headband_GG

3. The royal-looking golden prom crown

Blair-gossip-girl-Gold headband

Blair-gossip-girl-Gold headband_prom

4. The classic read bow-headband

Blair_classic_red hairband

5.  The dazzling wedding crown 



6. And of course, the lovely stone-embellished wedding headband Queen B wore to her wedding with Chuck Bass.

enchanted atelier_head band_Blair

blair-waldorf-band enchanted atelier

Blair_wedding _ headband

Blair_wedding _ headband

Express your persona wearing headbands and hair accessories like the Queen B~Blair Waldorf.

Who does not love some “CHAIR”? 

Wedding_blair-waldorf-band enchanted atelier


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