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Flattering color for redheads

I envy you lucky girls who are born with red hair. I still have to find the perfect shade of red for my complexion. But it did not stop me to appreciate the beauty of red hair.I think red is a gorgeous hair color ever. I have been drooling over Julianne Moore, Holland Roden, and Bonnie wright’s flaming hair.

Red hair is enough to make a statement, to wear the perfect color could enhance the beauty of the red hair. Natural redheads have the knowledge on which color would flatter them the most. For girls who colored your hair red and not sure which color to look for in a dress, read on to find out the best colors for you.

Okay, so this post is heavily influenced by a red-haired celebrity. Therefore, I put lots of pictures of red-haired celebrities to help you understand how mentioned colors actually suit red hair.

1. GREEN: 

Green is the best color you can think of to complement red as green and red are the opposite each other on a color wheel. Different shades of green are complement for about every shade of red hair. You can never go wrong with a green dress paired with red hair. Depending on the shade or red hair, choose a shade of green color dress. A lighter shade of red hair like strawberry blond would look more flattering in a lighter shade of green. But remember it’s not a universal rule. You can choose from jewel tone emerald green, teal, mossy green, olive green, etc.

holland roden_red hair

amy adams_red hair

julianne moore _red hair

christina Hendricks_red hair

marcia cross_red hair

marcia cross_red hair_green dress

marcia-cross-_red hair+green dress

marcia cross_red hair _photoshoot

marcia cross_red hair_desperate housewives.


Purple compliments so wear various shades of purple like lilac, mauve, thistle and dark purple. Red hair shines against this royal color.

holland roden_red hair 2014 Post-Grammy Party

jessica chastain_red hair_purple gown

christina Hendricks_red hair_purple dress

christina-hendricks-rhapsody-magazine-_red hair

marcia_cross_red hairpurple_hot_on_the_red_carpet

2010Emmys-ChristinaHendricks_red hair

3. BLUE:

Red hair pops against deep blue colors like cobalt, navy or royal blue. Choose blues like teal and turquoise hues.

Bonnie Wright _red hair at (BAFTAs)

Holland Roden at Nylon Magazine Anniversary Party Red Carpet in BLUE Dress

holland-roden_red hair

Bonnie-Wright-Red-Straight-Hairstyle_blue dress

Christina-Hendricks-red hair-Blue -Zac-Posen-dress
Marcia-Cross-red hair-In-Jean-Fares-Couture-2011-ALMA-Awards

marcia cross_red hair_teal blue dress

4. RED: 

Did someone say redheads should not wear red? Look at these beautiful redhead ladies.

You should not avoid wearing red just because you are a read head. The trick is to find the perfect red shade that works with your skin tone and shade of hair.

judy garland_red hair_ meet me in the st. Louis.

Nicole-Kidman-_red hair_long-hair_red dress

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 14: Julianne Moore _red hair_red dress

 Bonnie Wright_red hair 2011 Orange British Academy Film Awards

holland roden_red hair_red dress_photo shoot

holland roden_red hair_mouline rouge

holland-roden-vma-red-carpet-red_hair_red_dress  Julliane-Moore-in-long-red-dress-red_hair

jessica chastain_red hair_red _dress

Christina+Hendricks+_red hair_red_dress

christina Hendricks_red hair_red_dress



White and black suit any hair color that exists in this world

julianne moore _red hair_black lace dress

Julianne-Moore--TIME-100-Gala-red_hair_black dress

Park Bom_2NE1-red-hair-black dress

Krystal_F(x)_red hair_black tops

light-strawberry-blonde-hair-white-dress-blake lively


auburn-hair-color-white dress

goo_hara_KARA-red hair_white -dress

red hair-white dress   true red hair_red_dress


Gold and red!!! One word~GLAMOROUS.

blake lively_strawberry blonde hair_golden dress

bonnie wright_red hair_golden_dress


christina Hendricks_red hair_golden dress

Amy-Adams-bronze--Gucci-dress-Red hair

phoebe_price_red_hair_gold color dress

18th+Annual+Gotham+Independent+Film+Awards+Evan Rachel Wood_red hair_gold color dress


Karen+Elson+Dresses+Gold_color_red hair

karen-elson-met-gala-beauty_red_hair_gold+red dress

 Karen Elson _red_hair_gold_color-dress


Pale pink and coral look best on darker redheads. Find the best shade of pink that matches with the shade of red hair

christina Hendricks_red hair_Pretty_in_pink_
christina Hendricks_red hair_Pink+dress

christina-hendricks-Red hair_pale pink dress holland roden_red hair_pink_dress

bonnie_wright_red_hair_pale pink gown

Holland Roden - 'Teen Wolf' - coral color dress_red_hair

_holland-roden-photoshoots_red_hair_baby pink dress


Red color simply pops against the yellow color. Here are some proofs.

bonnie wright_red hair_yellow_dress

 Actress Julianne Moore_red_hair_yellow dress

christina Hendricks_red hair_yellow_dress

See how gorgeous these ladies look in those colors. Now you don’t have to waste time finding what colors suit you best. With the right accessories and the right shade of color, you can make someone’s jaw drop. Be proud to be a REDHEAD.

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