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How To Use Tea For Hair

A cup of any herbal tea make you feel refreshed and revived and benefits your health in so many ways. From simple weight loss to the prevention treatment of a variety of cancers different herbal tea is recommended. Ancient Oriental ancestors knew the beneficiary effect tea has on our overall physical and mental health. They incorporated tea into their daily meal as well as their beauty and hair care regimen. If you are interested in how tea can be used for hair care, please read on.

Have you heard of “Tea Rinses”? When your hair feels damaged, thin, dull, dry and falls out, tea rinses can help to restore your hair’s glory.


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Don’t you just want to take a sip? 

Why tea is good for hair-

  • Trace amounts of caffeine that is present in teas can penetrate hair strands and increases blood flow by which it promotes hair growth.
  • The antioxidants present in tea soften hair and bring back the shine.
  • Some vitamins and minerals are present in tea like Vitamin C,  Carotene ( a precursor to vitamin A). These vitamins and minerals give protection against split ends and chemical damage.
  • Polyphenols, vitamin C, and E prevent hair loss, restore the health of damaged hairs and boost shine. These also found to protect hair against UV radiation
  • Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve itchy scalp
  • The antioxidants found in the green tea can block DHT (Dihydrotestrone), the hormone that is known to be responsible for hair loss.
  • Panthenol is the alcohol form of the B vitamin found in green tea. This compound is very efficient in preventing split ends, helping in strengthening hairs and preventing breakage.
  • EGGG (epigallocatechin gallate) an antioxidant found in green tea is an essential ingredient in scalp stimulation that results in hair production and appears to be successful in preventing the lessening of hair.
  • Green tea inhibits the production of DHT, a compound that promotes hair loss.
  • Compounds found in tea can balance the pH levels of the scalp and normalizes the oil production.

Benefits of tea for hair-

  • Green tea can increase metabolism, and a higher metabolic rate leads to faster hair growth.
  • The tea massage boosts circulation
  • Tea nourishes and hydrates the hair neutralizes dryness
  • Prevents scalp irritation and inflammation and soothes the scalp
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Gives shiny and soft hair
  • Preventsprevents split ends

How to use tea for hair-

  • A daily scalp massage with a cup of freshly brewed tea can increase blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair’s growth by providing nutrients and oxygen.
  • Tea Rinse is an easy way of supplementing your natural hair care routine.

Recipe of Tea Rinse:

  • First, 6 cups of water add 2 to 3 bags of tea (or 2 to 3 tablespoons loose tea) and then brew in a bowl or pitcher. Steep for 10-20 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture and allow the liquid to cool.
  • After shampooing,  rinse your hair with the tea
  • Massage your scalp with the hair tea
  • Wrap hair. Let it sit from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Follow with a deep conditioner.

You can choose any tea from the wide variety of teas found in nature. Here are some of the names-

  • Green tea – is excellent for stimulating hair growth, decreasing shedding,  and exfoliates dandruff.
  • Black tea – strengthens and thickens hair, darkens hair and enhances the shine.
  • Nettle – helps with dandruff and strengthens hair strands; also helps with dandruff, irritated scalp, and dry scalp.
  • Rosemary – is great for strengthening the hair, boosting its growth and reducing hair loss. Stimulates hair follicles, and helps with dandruff.
  • Chamomile tea – gives shinier hair and straighter hair; it Softens hair calms the scalp.
  • Peppermint tea – useful for reducing the production of sebum, soothing the scalp, reducing dandruff.
  • Sage tea – is recommended for preventing gray hairs. Repairs weak and brittle hair

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Have a cup of any herbal tea every day.

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