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DIY-Thickening Hair Mask

I recently stumbled upon a video uploaded by “TheSimpleCare” channel on Youtube.  The video shows a recipe of a homemade hair mask for thickening hair. The ingredients used in the mask are egg yolk, castor oil, and honey.

Why these ingredients?

Honey-honey-for hair mask

  • Honey helps to bring back the shine of your hair
  • Honey is a well-known antibacterial ingredient. It cleans the scalp and prevents bacterial infections.
  • honey is a humectant, so it tends to retain moisture and prevents the loss of moisture.
  • Honey is a natural softener; it works as a conditioner.
  • Honey provides strength to hair

Egg yolk-Egg Yolk for hair mask

  • A fantastic source of protein for hair
  •  lecithin is present in egg yolk that helps to moisturize and strengthen the hair; it also prevents frizzy hair.
  • Egg yolk has vitamins A, D, and E; these prevent hair fall and thinning of hair.
  • Egg yolk makes your hair shiny, softer and voluminous

Castor oil-Castor-Oil-for hair mask

  • Prevents hair fall
  • It contains Omega 6 essential fatty acids that stimulate the hair growth
  • Massaging castor oil on the scalp helps to increase the blood circulation
  • Omega 6 and vitamin E prevent split ends.
  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that are known to help against dandruff and other scalp infections.


My experience:

I have fine hair: ( Also, my hair looks so dull and lifeless on the day after shampooing it. I was searching for an easy but effective mask for my hair. The recipe that  “TheSimpleCare”  posted on Youtube seemed simple and the ingredients are known to be GREAT for hair health.  So I did not hesitate to go for it. I was actually pretty excited to see the result.

 I applied it as it was instructed in the video and then washed it off with shampoo and used conditioner.

I am pleased with the mask. It does make my hair really shiny and soft. I absolutely love my hair after shampooing. But it’s not yet the time to say if it has thickened my hair or not.  As it recommends using it for two months maybe I will see an amazing result after two months, fingers crossed. I will let you know the condition of my hair after two months.

Thank you for reading. Have any of you ever tried this mask before? Let me know how it helped you. Till the next time.



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